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The exclusive 2nd annual Sportdata & Performance Forum 2015 will return to Berlin as the host city. It will further explore the theme of the application of Big Data to help the coaching staff across various sporting disciplines make smart decisions on tactics, player fitness, scouting, preparation as well as in game management. It will also provide a valuable insight for decision makers within these organisations understand how their operations can be enhanced by the correct application of data and analytics to achieve success on and off the pitch!

Sportdata! Speakers
Big Data - the aggregation and analysis of data to optimise performance -- is transforming modern society. Sport, which has always served as a reflection of society, is no exception. The latest innovations in data are poised to trigger a revolution in sport.
Dr Hendrik Weber

Dr Hendrik Weber, Head of Strategic Projects, Bundesliga (DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH) 

Prof Martin Lames

Chair, Performance Analysis & Computer Science in Sports, TU Munchen

Karl Cooke

Head of Sports Science & Sports Medicine, British Swimming

Chris Earle

Head of Education, The English Football Association

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